⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ︎I want to become U.S. Presidential Candidate winner for the U.S. Presidency for 10 years time out in one go. And thereby become a World Leader helping out globally forever there afterwards on foundation of U.S. Presidency. My policies applies here below to all of the population of mankind/civilization:

I can mention the top 3 priorities for all mankind/civilization,

1. Survival genetics and technologies...

2. Youngtivity genetics and technologies...

  1. 3.Stable work employment to all humans...

Explanation:  The top 3 priorities for all human beings are survival and youngtivity and having continual stable work employment in civilization. Survival has to be achieved via scientific advancements into genetic sciences and expansions therein and similarly into survival technologies such as example cloning technologies and NASA Human Survival Systems (a human freezer system to extend humans lives into the futures whereafter being rescued to living life again is possible). The same applies for continual youngtivity achievement that similarly requires scientific advancements into genetic sciences and supported by support technology advancements for example the machines that has to gene alter/manipulate/change/transform the green plants to grow better genetic food for human youngtivity survival and machines that can otherwise generate the exact same result out from other material entities for example direct harvest of survival matter for the human population. And work employment gives itself, it is the most important to all human beings in our civilization, continual mutual work and cooperation is essential to even having a civilization, therefore is that top priority number 3.

World Leadership top 3 frontier technology advancements all time high:

1. Survival Technologies

2. Robotics

  1. 3.Craftings

Explanation:  Priority one will never change throughout world history and mankind’s presence in this world, survival technologies remain foremost important compared to all else. There next follows robotics and robotic industries for mass productions of robots for all mankind (every single one in the world has rights to own and control robots to help with work and success in life). With crafting is meant crafting of vehicles for ground transportation, and crafting of airplanes for air transportation, and crafting of spaceplanes and spacecrafts for space transportation, and for transportations under the oceans in on water and in deep ocean going crafts of multiple kinds, past present future... 

World Leadership Top Priorities of the 21th Century on a Global Scale:

Evidencing NASA Human Survival Systems with scientific proves as a success that will work as intended in the futures where it obviously will be possible easily to live back to life again those humans who are rescued through them and to successfully give them eternal young life again in the ages they self prefer out of freewill choice.

Face the truths that NASA Human Survival System was invented to function as intended and can therefore as single only method rescue all mankind through the ages from the 20th and 21th centuries into the futures until it will become possible to have all humans frozen down waken up to living life again via non scary non dangerous scientific technologies intended for the humane use of human rescue (could be in Space onboard NASA Spacecrafts but also on Earth). Then simultaneously mass produce Human Survival Systems to the Nations Populations (by serial Civil Industrial Productions and Central State Productions multinationally) and convince the nation’s and world’s populations that is will work out the way it is intended and that we have to enter it to could survive aging death which is otherwise destined to kill off nearly 99.999% of the World Population until it will be taken into function everywhere by Central State Governments and Civil Population Industries in favor for rescue of one another via similar systems shown off as NASA Human Survival Systems for deep space flights/explorations, the principles are all the same... It will become not only a U.S. World Event of the major in the name of survival and justice but also a Global World Event in our civilization.

Establishment of Global Air and Space Defense Networks and expansion of its powers to defend the Planet and Humanity on it from all dangers from space, mentioning here the threat from potential Dark Moons that enters our solar system and meteors and space debris on coalition course with Earth, and the threat from assumed Alien lifeforms out there from the never ending space. I imagine this global establishment shall be given World Leadership License to carry Earth to Space nuclear missile weapons of multiple sizes and that our world’s nations’s arsenals might be able to could be suppressed in dimensions if donated to our Global Air and Space Defense Networks.

Reducing the world’s combined nuclear arsenals for all mankind to could achieve eternal world peace and sustainable survival of all mankind as we know it, free and living healthy on the planets surface outside nuclear bomber shelters. The World Leaders has to work wisely together on this one and also prior to lowering the arsenal make global laws restricting the use of nuclear arms in conventional conflicts and wars and set up laws to minimize the legal explosive radius of any weapons of mass powers. I am thinking about removing all major rocket nukes from all nations world wide and first of all replacing them with smaller ones that is more reasonable in explosive size. It would be the best we could do for now as I foresee a hard struggle multinationally. If aims can not be achieved then push forth to get city and national and global missile defense ground to air shields that will be so fast and efficient that not even satellite nuclear missile batteries can penetrate the Missile Defense Shields (priority 1 1 1).

Forcefully removing hunger problems and unfed problems world wide so all have enough to eat daily, day and night, every year of their lives, and if necessary then for free. The world can not stand on merely economics in all matters of survival and sustainable living and mutual cooperation. Some things/problems is meant to be supported by the work forces populations and via taxations to cover for those the World Leaders has yet failed to offer and give a fair work employment on which any man and any woman can survive and carry on life and make granaries for themselves and their biological families and shared communities and mutual shared nations and global security storages, such as the national reserve of foods and provisions. It is all peoples responsibility to help those without a job to get into a stable good job they can benefit of similar to themselves who already got one or more of them.

Forcefully providing civilian housing and shelter to all individuals in the world so they can focus on true values in life such as educations and careers and having a family and many children and marriage and progress individually in many fields of life. It is the World Leaders who has to build wide and tall and luxurious enough for all mankind’s needs so everybody got an independent home to live in and maintain. I see the world population having a shared common need for be in the middle of everything, meaning having at least an apartment in a large scale city, nobody deserves to be left outside in the empty countrysides where there is no modern life giving life left over worth to live, unless the individual self desire it higher than shared life in a major city. Prices on homes in cities has to be set so all can afford a nice wealthy home.

Forcefully providing the world with enough jobs for everybody, easy jobs to get going, more advanced jobs to settle with, and scientific jobs for those of us who can more than the rest and can lead the industries ahead of time compared to what a standard person can do/perform.


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