Homeland Defense:  Homeland Defense Aeroplanes in nuclear wars will have no more military bases and runways left to fly from and will therefore require a separate set of rear lifter engines to could safely land and take directly off within a few seconds of the commander pilot enters the special build aeroplanes which will be in functions after nuclear armageddon throughout the nations defending the civilian population versus more nuclear missiles and satellite missile systems and incoming aeroplanes in their war effort.

Homeland Defense:  As elected President of United States of America is my policy concerning homeland defense and military defenses to largely expand mainly just the USAF to make it the largest Air Force in the world altogether. With aerial expansions will budgets to Navy and Marines and Space be lowered to a historical low, and in their place shall the Air Force raise in power scrapes 30000% percent up to the highest increase in known world history since The Second World War where Franklin Delano Roosevelt where increasing the aerospace defenses with many hundreds of percent.

Homeland Defense:  With the 30000% U.S. Air Force increase continentalwide alongside with new emerging powers out of the sky and clouds based on powerful air force support aeroplanes for aerial based crew transportation and more to replace the out aged helicopter technologies from the past century, I want all helicopters replaced with a new line of jet and rocket based arial support crew transportation aeroplanes for aerial based crew transportation that can perform all tasks faster than a helicopter and fly faster than conventual F-14 Fighters do it today.

Homeland Defense:  When elected President of United States of America will I send out diplomatic missions to all of America to establish a mutual shared aerial homeland defense covering all of the americas from North to South with the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean included. My intentions are to unite the world’s largest air force and make it cover all of homeland defenses along the american borders from the rest of the world, establishing new lines of defense and making our work task easier for ourselves. My policy are with wider coverage will we have an easier work defending with more time to act in case of attacks from other continents and peoples and armies. A so called Americana Defense Deal is what has to be established earliest possible.

3 Alliance:  We the peoples of China and United States of America and Soviet Union modern day Russian Federation needs an alliance between the 3 great nations, China and United States of America and Soviet Union modern day Russian Federation, a Peace and War alliance as seen between them during times of great war with out spring from Europe into Asia and into America by German offsprings! This 3 alliance is key essential to neutralize the dangers of nuclear warfare between nations where the nuclear arms are too powerful, and there are no other way than to Join Alliance Where We Want Peace and Prosperity, if we humanity remove nuclear weapons from those nations can the alliance break apart but until then must it hold. With or without nuclear arms races do we still want A 3 Alliance between China and United States of America and Soviet Union modern day Russian Federation an alliance to cause prosperity in our wider Civilization an alliance ★★★ to stand the test of time for All Mankind.

An Anti Nuclear Arms Race:  We have to have the Nuclear Arms Races stopped for All Mankind. We have to have the legalization of dangerous radioactive nuclear arms prohibited and banned for military warfare in our Civilization so only our national neutral planetary defenses placed around the world towards planetary threats from space towards Mankind will be allowed to obtain an arsenal of them. The nuclear arms which the nations have currently are wrong because they are too radioactive when exploding. We have to hold more World Leaders Meetings to prohibit and ban nuclear arms races into space and totally prohibit nuclear arms races to place nuclear missile batteries in military satellites in orbit around the Planet Earth.

  Comments:  If those nations want to help our planet should they place those nuclear missile batteries on the Moon pointing out into space away from the planet and contribute to our Global Planetary Defense Network against threats from space such as meteor storms and moons on coalition course with Planet Earth.

  We have to have an establishment of an Universal International Global Ban against satellite nuclear missile batteries in space (and air), a so called Anti Satellite Nuclear Rockets Battery Ban Deal that prohibits nuclear arms to be placed in satellites and weapons pointing down upon the planet’s surface from air and space. This remain one of my primary concerns. Such a deal will drastically save our nations globally for billions and billions of world capital (dollars and rubles and yuans and rupees and euros) and limit away a new arms race between nuclearcapable nations. And lets not forget that they are Nazi technologies, should they even be in the world? I oppose all wormfeeded cheat code Nazi weapons technologies to exist in this world where they and their weapons technologies should had been neutralized before the beginning of the 2 millennia more than 60 years ago after the 1940ties.

USHMDI U.S. Homeland Military Defense Industry:  United States of America must have a USHMDI U.S. Homeland Military Defense Industry supporting our Civilization’s Homelands Defenses. A new Central State Military Industrial Sector has to be established immediately going to work alongside the present Military Strike Force Industries and the USHMDI U.S. Homeland Military Defense Industry has to undertake all necessary Scientific Expansions of Inventions of Defense Military Technologies, a Defense Industry that focuses unlike all nations on Earth’s strike force industries on creating via Scientific Inventions Defensive Technologies for our uses on Planet Earth and in Unhabitational Hostile Space and Outer Planetarily foremost of all Versus All Attacking Strike Forces Scientific Destructing Wonder Weapons and underprioritatedly down the list of threats towards human lives also with smaller budgets undertake scientific inventions of Antiweaponry such as Antiweapons Defense Shields of different kinds to the full extend of scientific knowledge to have created versus all thinkable human lives destructive weapons throughout world history in defense of human civilian populations and our Civilization’s Homelands Military Personnels who needs our help also survive our World Leaders wild desires for human lifetaking destroying wonder weapons build throughout world history without we have any kind of defenses versus them to save our lives and live in freedom without suppressions of any kind. It is of foremost importance that our civilization focuses on creating defensive antiweapons that can outmatch the nations strike forces capabilities! We have to have a USHMDI U.S. Homeland Military Defense Industry in Defense versus City Destructions and Nuclear Blast Wars and Armageddon.

  The Homeland Military Defense Industries will be established into the mist of our National Undertaking of establishing the World’s first functioning Generation 1 of Ground to Air and Space Missile Defense Shields to cover All Million Citizen Cities and Key Shelters with ambitions to cover for all nations peoples cities.

Civilization Aiding:  As 51th President of United States of America on behalf of the World’s Peoples do we want to formate into a Humankind Specimen Federation with all nations in them with their unique laws obtaining their national territorial Presidents with full powers with a top leadership with all our World Leaders as our Federation Leadership, and I plan for gifts to the World Leaders (their World Leaders Meetings protectors of our Civilization) from their peoples and will have our nation construct population defense Ground to Air and Space Missile Defense Shield to cover All Million Citizen Cities and Key Shelters having close by long raged air and space defensive antimissiles (and more and more advanced) antistealthmissiles antiinvisibilitycloakingmissiles installations to All Million Citizen Cities and Key Shelters globally everywhere on our planet and a new classification of Aerospace Wonder Air and Space Fighterplanes, a type classed fighter plane that must could go out and in of the atmosphere several times and fly all around the world and could reach to anywhere on the globe in fighter squadrons of elite pilots, a so called Wonder Air and Space Fighterplane named the Diplomat that will outmatch all nations technological capabilities the final level of type classed aerospace aviation aeroplanes and suit the new centuries and millenniums World Politics and Peace and War times, as they are better for world politics on a global scale and global security and strike force capabilities which do not require large scale invasion air and ground armies and we the peoples of Planet Earth want our World Leaders in shared unity to protect us with them and to have them deployable through shared unity in a Humankind Specimen Federation and there beforehand from shared unity in the World Leaders Meetings our First Level of Defense of our future unity of a Humankind Federation and United Humankind Specimen Federation of our Planet Earth hence our Civilization.



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