Main Diplomatic Missions:  When first the Central State Human Survival Systems and Ground to Air and Space Missile Defense Shields Systems has been assembled and are up running so it functions must International Diplomatic Missions be send out to all other nations in the world containing several whole units of both survival systems (example 5 to 10 whole Ground to Air and Space Missile Defense Shields Systems and similar of the Central State Human Survival Systems for each nation) with all necessary patents and blue prints included to could it themselves, an all inclusive packet for each one nations in the world. A so called carepackage as a diplomatic gift from the United States of America for each nations on the Planet Earth so all nations will be made capable of build their own Missile Defense Shields above all of their cities and build Human Survival Systems to begin undertake rescuing their population when dying of aging and other causes for deaths.

Main Diplomatic Missions:  Immediately when entering into office in the Presidential White House must a historical successful diplomatic mission be send out to all large scale nations in the world assembling a World Leader Meeting wherefrom we the Untied States of America needs the permissions to have a shared worldly Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency / Headquarter constructed on first international territory in the Pacific Ocean Region on an island gifted to the purpose so that we can begin rescuing the world’s populations from their deaths and free the remaining enslaved populations around the world and free those human guinea pigs victims of crimes and help saving all of humanity from falling victims of torments and large scale tragedies through telecommunication channels send from a timemachine cop inside the Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency preferable placed in Space around the Planet wherefrom timemachine reports are generated for each or main part of incoming death reports from the world of police on ground around the world. This alongside setting up rescuing Central State Human Ice Survival Systems For Everybody Born To Life (an undertaking only intended to last in total 4444 years time when it will become unnecessary to enter further : : world historical prediction based on approximates) are our civilizations must important next undertaking and will be the final solution for life saving throughout millenniums in thousands and will last in billion of years of time for our beautiful civilization. We can not manage / survive without a Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency placed in space, and we the peoples / World Leaders needs a World Leader Assembly to create this Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency under the title ‘one for all and all for one’.

Main Diplomatic Missions:  Immediately when entering into office in the Presidential White House must another historical diplomatic mission be send out to all nations in the world assembling a World Leader Meeting wherefrom we shall together agree too and establish the World Police with World Leadership given Universal Police License to operate alongside all pre-established police orders, both the Civilian Police Forces and the Military Police Forces and the Central State Police Marshals and the International Police Forces. The World Police must be established and by the grace of all nations combined and is a World Leadership gift to all Mankind and our civilization, a historical civilization infrastructure under the Seal of Police.

Planetary Aiders:  PAs Planetary Aiders are an international assembled personnel staff around the planets nations capable of undergoing first aid surgeries and rescue operations and humanitarian works for United Nations and the nations populations being national neutral with a World Leader License to work in peace and war times without being military targets in warfares and planetary hostilities so they can walk and fly into all battlefields in military wars around the planet and collect the deaths and evacuate the wounded soldiers and those soldiers who quit of example fears and has broken down and do not want to be part of the war anymore (by find their emergency signals and track them up and remove their weapons and uniforms and war seals so they can be transported away from the battlefield) and undertake more humanitarian works than already established Red Cross and national humanitarian workers. Planetary Aiders must be established in an effort to safe more lives!


U.S. Freedoms Lives and Honor:  Alongside invention and construction of a Ground to Air and Space Missile Defense Shield do I intend to have made a new series of so called Aerial Missile Defense Life Fighters that has to be constructed extreme light and fast flying with anti missile battery missile module systems build into them to undertake aerial combat versus incoming air and space missiles from aeronautic altitudes with all that science of defense missile technologies build into them. A completely new type of defensive fighter planes that has to be invented to defend the skies from missile threats, capable of flying at extreme high speeds between incoming missiles and shoot of their Anti Missile Defense Weapon Systems and take down all missiles they encounter of all sizes and magnitudes existing in the world.

U.S. Freedoms Lives and Honor:  A new military industrial sector has to be established alongside the present to undertake scientific expansions of inventions of Defense Military Technologies, an industry that focuses unlike strike force industries on creating via scientific inventions defensive technologies and anti weaponry such as defense shields of different kinds that scientifically may be possible to the full extend of scientific knowledge to have created for uses on Earth and in Space and Outer Planetarily. This is my 51th Presidency Military Candidacy Program, to have established a so called Military Defense Technology Industry founded by Central State Military Budgeting similar to the conventual Military Scientific and Invention Industries that commonly undertakes creation of military warcrafts of numerous kinds and strike and counterstrike weaponry. It is of foremost importance that our civilization focuses on creating defensive weapons that can hopefully outmatch the nations strike forces capabilities!

Politics:  I am in favor for volunteer taxes being promoted by Central State Commercialization via continental covering TV broadcastings, as similar as companies buy-in their commercials on national covering TV Channels, and that our Central State take it very serious to notice those of us who gladly pay more for commonwealth for everybody and keep us in mind when they plan ahead of time our civilization expansion of outer space colonies of plannings and think along line of us who payed for their extra wealth, and listen to us when we have needs for products and inventions not yet existing and at reach for uses by us all in the world. Their extra Central State Wealth remains a bonus they have been entrusted with to cover for us all and also technologically and in all ways possible in time and space to the ever reaches of time and space itself eternally.

Victory Democratic Voting Rights:  In the name of Liberty must it be allowed for anybody willing and mature enough to could do democratic votings. No age limits!

U.S. Freedoms Lives and Honor:  My President Candidate policies about childbirths outside U.S.A. are that americans remain americans (an americana and an americano remain the same no matter on which continent they are born) no matter where they are born, and are entitled to unrestricted everlasting undeprivable U.S. Citizenship as genuine americans. Imagine the far distant future where citizens will be born onboard NASA Spacecraft flying in space or on other Blue Planets on U.S. territories, in all these cases a child more born is a citizen more of United States of America.

Planet Earth 2 Millennia AE


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