Planet Earth 2 Millennia AE


Name: Unidentified (held on another person identity)

Height: 186 cm from 193.7 centimeters tall

Eyes: Deep Blue Eyes

Race: Blond Race

Hair: Light Blond

Origin: U.S. Citizen kidnap from United States of America

Politics: I am Liberty a Victory Democrat

911 Red Alert I need immediate police freedom protections with police investigations immediately and police helps from the World’s 2 Largest International Police Organizations ASAP (As Soon As Possible)!!!

Presidential Candidacy

As President Candidate do I foresee United States of America in the 21th Century all time high are going to prosper best possible out from establishing a world with more national and international civil rights suited for a more and more advanced civilization with a higher and higher world population raising everywhere into the mist of the century. We live in a world right now where U.S.A. has to use its world leadership to establish more civil rights for everybody to enjoy on a global scale, and therefore will I if I become elected U.S. President work hardest of them all for establishing more successful civil rights in our beautiful liberal nation for all of our peoples and work double hard on extending our civil rights blessings to the rest of the world population via International Diplomatic Mutual Treaties and so also all americans can be safe when out traveling the world. Robotics is the key to North American new tomorrow world economies and therefore is it my intentions to rush America into the robotic age and hurry on on expanding the robotic industries way ahead of its time to raise national wealth and the economy to a historical high breaking the way for real expensive investments Into Our Mutual Survival On Planet Earth As Free Peoples. My candidacy goes out to primarily our National Aeronautics and Space Administration with focus on largely increase NASA’s budget economically and in materials and peoples recourses so we will get a main scientific White NASA Flagship we all can be proud of which is capable of and are going to increase our national and global scientific outcome while pioneering and exploring space for all mankind. The long term goals for NASA in the future makes it a worthy investment all time high!!! On the homeland defense side do I plan to seriously expand the USAF to become the largest air force in the World, one that can not be undertaken by any worldly powers in itself. I am talking about expanding USAF many hundred percent since our nation and peoples needs it. I want America to be statistically a nation of aviator peoples to larger and larger degrees where it will become as statistical normal to have Flight Licenses as it is to have both Driver Licenses and Insurances, for the betterness of the future where U.S.A. will be not only a nation on Planet Earth but a widespread space federation on more and more planets via our White NASA Flagship. To shape the future right we have to start now building for it, laying out the foundations and columns for the future that we want to live in. Our planet needs a Global Planetary Defense versus threats from outer space, and it will be my greatest of honors to represent our United States of America among the other World Leaders in an endeavor for together establishing what I define as Global Air and Space Defense Networks, a Planetary Defense Network that will be capable of defending Earth and civilization as a whole from all dangers from space. In our century here where we stands now must we contribute strongly with national resources for Planetary Defense of our Planet Earth and our entire specimen and civilization on Earth. I am thinking about redistributing our Nuclear Nations Nuclear Arsenals of ICBM’s to our shared Global Planetary Defense Networks to better could encounter realistic threats from space meteors and dark moons that can come in from outer space at any moments in time without we can in all cases see them in a long time in advance and in all cases will we have to could shoot and destroy them. Our nation do also need a Ground to Air and Space Missile Defense Shield established covering all cities and key shelters, a Missile Defense Shield that is fast enough to could shoot down all nuclear missiles and at the same time also undertake shooting down smaller sized missiles of all kinds to eliminate the threat from nuclear arms and rocket missiles that remain the largest threat towards our civilization and human survival on our Planet. Alongside establishing a National Ground to Air and Space Missile Defense Shield in U.S.A. is it my main intention to establish Central State Human Survival Systems similar to NASA’s Human Survival Systems for human survival into long term space missions where it will not be possible to return back without first enter a Human Ice Survival System onboard a spacecraft where afterwards it will become possible for our future Government and Peoples to resurrect the downfrozen human beings to living life again without cause them damages. To ensure survival of all mankind must our Central State start with establishing first of all Central State Human Ice Survival Systems to cover for all fallen Police Officers and Military Officers in homeland duty for our safeties sake while they have been taking risks that statistically turns out with kill them off when failing, those human beings are highly valued and shall be rescued by an establishment of a Central State Human Survival Systems. When established successfully must we work together with also ensuring the survival of the rest of our nation’s population, and it will require a buildout of both our civil and Central State Human Ice Survival Systems supported by new laws makings supporting the undertaking that will could statistically save all our nation’s citizens within reasonable time if strong effort and economy are placed into the undertaking. At the same time will I of cause ensure an increased National Budget Support for scientific research into common human survival within both the sciences of Longevity and Youngtivity that scientific is predicted to going to function as intended by NASA Scientists so we all can live long and young again without ever have really died. The future of human genetic sciences is that we will all be able to live forever young until we are compromised by natural disasters and accidents and homicides and suicides, it is just a matter of time and advancement of civilization technologies that is going to support getting humans out alive from downfrozenness in Human Ice Survival Systems patented by NASA our Scientific Flagship of the 20th and 21th Centuries! Alongside making our nation capable of saving its citizens lives am my Presidency a Presidency for the World of Police, and I will as minimum for the police give them helpful procedure reforms in association with the larges U.S. Police Union in United States of America and further suit them all with new types of survival equipments out from the best of Central State Patents. I want Congressional support to equip all U.S. National and International Police Officers with a Special Material Survival Police Uniform and Survival Police Helmet that is going to shield off our police officers when in active duties for law enforcement and supreme justices alongside bodyguarding services for the remaining population. It is my intentions to have our Central State’s best scientists and engineers assisted by Central State Patents create both a Survival Police Uniform and Survival Police Helmet, that has two different purposes. Our police forces needs the Survival Police Uniforms to could daily engage in active services and be more safe and have less fear so they can with greater calmness in hands and body and speech could solve all dangerous crimes and situations in our civilization from the Central State and outwards to the Restricted Military Grounds and Facilities and free civilian population. And the Survival Police Helmet is our Central Stats’s response towards criminality, a last way option to ensure the long term survival of each and every single police officer we sends into duty to engage the hardened criminals so that in nearly all cases of severe damages caused by damaging environments and explosions and arms will the Central State’s Peoples be capable of savior via the new established Central State Human Ice Survival Systems (the helmet protects the police officers heads from all possible outside extreme damages). So with a combined establishment of a National Ground to Air and Space Missile Defense Shield and Central State Human Ice Survival Systems and reequipping of our nations police forces will we head into a future with less deaths and destructions, a future where we all will finally have a chance for survival and could get to contribute in active police services and to could live to experience the nation we want to be living in forever as a free peoples!!!!! That is what my candidacy is all about, mutual cooperation and survival of our peoples who are the best this world has ever seen, the land and peoples of true freedom and prosperity who cares to rescue one another, and leave no man or woman or child behind. Let this be my 51th Presidency for United States of America!!!!!


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