International Policies:  United States of America should adapt more Civil Liberties to all its peoples and build them into the International Civil Rights focusing on more liberties and freedoms of movement and privacies from advancing technologies that can be used to violate human rights and peoples privates lives and privacy as they enjoy their other civil liberties and freedoms to move around in geosocieties in United States of America and world wide. A strong policy versus spying with technology on peoples should be applied soonest possible.

International Policies:  U.S. Military and Police Forces shall leave nobody behind, it is all for one and one for all policies I want to enforce on our forces and peoples to a more active practice, and that is how the international policies has to be regarding covering for U.S. Citizens of Births and U.S. Immigrants and U.S. Refugees and U.S. Wannabes who all has to be regarded as U.S. Citizens when found, and the peoples of North America which gained its independence from the rest of the world’s peoples and World Leaders historically has therefore to also cover for its chosen peoples with everybody inclusive (both kidnaps, and prisoners of war, and emigrants, and wannabe americans to escape torment and torture and dictatorships and suppression and crimes in other nations and by peoples that do not respect them as free independent peoples/individuals). The highest and most valuable american value is the principle of leaving no man or woman or child behind, meaning practically leaving nobody behind anywhere in emptiness in the world on the planet and in space without actively acknowledge them and undertake cover for them and via rescue bring them home to United States of America as the principle applies for it is necessary and well seen. It is what it will say to be american.

International Policies:  As Presidential Candidate do I favor equalcy between all peoples world wide in relations to those International Civil Rights and Liberties that shall count for all peoples on the Planet and beyond in space. Equalcy is very important for me as a presidential candidate and NASA politician for Presidency. I believe in world news and journalists across the Earth is telling us the truths about unevenness among civilian populations and with racial and economical problems, and that it is the public duty of the World Leaders to even out unequalcy racially and economically, so all individuals can enjoy a happy new world of tomorrow, with more joys to continue live their lives. The key essential importance to equalcy is that it is required to survive long and eventually forever. All human beings should be measured equal in relations to survival and be given equal chances for survival. All for one and one for all. U.S. equalcy to the world is part of my political program I want to impose on the global populations via international diplomacy.

Politics:  United States of America has to continue support global and international treaties and contracts and political cooperation via United Nations Assembly and Global Service Agency.

Politics:  Whale and dolphin hunting shall continue to be prohibited on a global scale into the futures in respect to the largest and most preserve worthy two mammal races the planet’s primitive animal evolution has evolved too. Whales can be eaten but only if there is enough of them and in plentiful of them in all of our oceans globally.

Comments on World Historical News:  Well it appears that nearly the most earth continents has had peoples who have build Pyramids and Pyramid Shaped Structures in history. Nations like Egypt and China and areas like North and Central America and South Europe and Asian Territorial Regions and some islands has housed and house them. From an Astronautic scientific point of view since it would be worth it for me to know from an aerial point of view, well I like flying and want to see Earth from air and space planes, I would like to know and have it confirmed if all Pyramids globally has their corners pointing exactly on the 4 World Corners?

Science Politics:  Humankind’s Genetics Codes has a wide range potential if manipulated with by Human Genetic Scientists, the laws scientifically and politically regarding what it will mean to be a Human Being are all within this genetic heritage that is wider than visual appearance of a well recognizable human being from China or India or Central America or Europe or Africa, and covers many of those Alien Abductions seen from North American TV horror shows where victims claim to have had their baby infants kidnapped from their homes in the middle of the nights by Alien Lifeforms, those hybrid human infants are Human Beings too if anything about those abductions and kidnappings and stealings of births are to be hold as truths from TV. Comments on World Laws as they have to become.

Science Politics:  Human Beings are meant to coexist with each other in social groups and coexist with one another throughout Earth and Air and Space times alongside deeper levels of religious beliefs in a Paradise and Heavens and more Worlds than our own one. What makes a human superior from the animals are its unique genetic codes and actual sacred human being with a visual transparent soul that can survive human deaths but last no longer than is predetermined from nature’s side, referring here to the forces of nature and gravity fields of the planets and future spacecrafts and more human build structures, it is highly unlikely the Egyptian Pharaohs souls has could survive thousands of millenniums but it is possible to actually use their mummies to clone them to life again in the future when responsible if we protect them well and do not run any touching tests on them and preserve them as living human beings of high holiness that is on their way to be cloned to life in the actual future where Democratic President Candidates like me want to approve their recoming via legalizing human cloning of their bodies with an exceptional Special World Leader License with new souls, plus give them back their holy and economic relics in diamonds and gold and scriptures found at their death graves inside Giza Pyramids.


Comments on World Historical News:  Space exploration has found water on both Mars’s and Europa’s planets in the solar system, and it appears scientists are happy with it. I would like to have it confirmed if it is even realistic to have anyone of those two solar system planets terraformed within the next 4.5 billion years future, and if not then lets move on (the solar system’s other planets are all death) with creation of deep space exploration spacecrafts and robotic satellite explorers and get beyond the solar system earliest possible for the sake of humankind’s long term survival.


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