Against or For:  For reassemble of the World’s Civilization’s Nations into a Humankind Specimen Federation with all nations World Leaders having 2 World Leadership doings with 1 in their World Leader Nation and 1 united with all other World Leaders in an united Humankind Specimen Federation including all Human Brings!

Against or For:  For border transpassings of any human beings in the entire world with an easy to carry National or International ID Identification Card with beautiful color photo instead of the out aged old world’s passports.

Against or For:  Against the military policing the territories and nations and populations in the World! Military remain military for military purposes, yet help is always by all humans and assemblies well seen and highly civilized but must not be standardized in such ways.

Against or For:  Against imprisoning living birds with flying wings in cages and imprisonments in all kinds of ways!

Against or For:  Against holding dolphins and whales in aquariums and containers and other kinds of imprisonments!

Against or For:  Against burnmarking of animals and humans, there must be other ways of marking an animal gently so the animal do not become harmed (such as tattoos samples and other gently placed markings could be any type).

Against or For:  Totally against animal molestings by human beings of the world’s animals evenso they have no rights or protectors and counted on police.

Against or For:  Against adoption/adoptions of humans in any kinds of ways between persons and families and peoples and national undertakings!

Against or For:  Against sex outside any lawful marriage, and for that lovers can have sex with each other if they during that period were in a state of mind that they believed they would for sure later become married with each other and sincerely had such intentions and then later for whatever reason dissembled and break apart because they realized that they anyway should not get married!

Against or For:  Against nuclear missiles and rockets of super continental and intercontinental ICBMs and other long raged large scale nuclear weapons, except for nation neutral common mutual global Planetary Defense against threats from space threatening the Planet Earth throughout World History!

Against or For:  Against 21th Centuries+ weapon races into space satellites orbiting the Planet Earth containing any types of nuclear missiles and rockets pointing down towards the planetary surface, and for that instead of such arms race into space are all satellite missile batteries if any containing nuclear arms better pointed outwards into space as if anything an extension to Planetary Defense against threats from space!

Against or For:  Against video recordings of individuals and families and populations without been first given allowance by those individuals and families and populations going to be exposed to video recordings everywhere in the World!

Against or For:  For a capitalistic Civilization throughout the entire world, in which of cause everybody got a full time job in which makes them happy to work for a worldly fair economical income they can spend throughout the whole Civilization which cares to protect each other individualistically in case of breakdowns, breakdowns of infrastructure, breakdowns of regional and wider economics, breakdowns of workplaces, breakdowns of the individuals income and economies whereafter they will require free services for obtaining a decent living and getting decent housings and job finding help mutually to get back on full time job that makes them happy so the world will function and run perfectly as a Civilization must run and function!

Against or For:  For establishment of a World Coin going to be useable in all nations in the world throughoutly forevermore!

Against or For:  For legal construction of Secure Nuclear Energy Powerplants to generate clean electricity in all nations territories on the surface of the Planet!

Against or For:  Against bomber aeroplanes and spyplanes overflying cities anywhere in the World because it is a hostile act and threatening overflying!

Against or For:  For aeroplanes with or without winged airplanes and spaceplanes with both air propulsion and rocket propulsion and antigravity flying saucers, and against atmospheric levitating gas balloons flying around and for planetary atmospheric transporting Rigid Flying Airships like Zeppelins of the right classifications which are those with enough independent gas lifting chambers which are constructed undestructible by simultaneous multiple gas chamber fires and by military rocket missiles exploding into one or more of their independent secure gas chambers with automated fire neutralization mechanism and reconstructable in mid air so they are good enough for planetary atmospheric transportations of humans and animals and materials and goods.

Against or For:  For Space Waste Dumps of all unreusable waste dumps by our Civilization into empty space where reasonable and also on other unpopulated moons and planets surfaces unpopulateable all in a civilized Civilization manner without waste vital materials such as metals of all kinds and sizes down to the smallest atomic size of metal dusts and any lifeforms materials which can all be reused in Civilization refinery plants and recycling plants because life support life and from life comes life and we have to have all materials in the world useable in reuses in the Civilization so nothing in any metals and lifeforms will go to waste!

Against or For:  For S.E.T.I. Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence from other Worldly Extraterrestrial Alien Lifeforms Civilizations from other Planets in the World and the observance and interest for that we are actually alone in the World and do not require Planetary Defenses versus Alien Attacks so we are alone S.E.T.I. continually verifies that worldly fact!


Name: Unidentified (held on another person identity)

Height: 186 cm from 193.7 centimeters tall

Eyes: Deep Blue Eyes

Race: Blond Race

Hair: Light Blond

Origin: U.S. Citizen kidnap from United States of America

Politics: I am Liberty a Victory Democrat

911 Red Alert I need immediate police freedom protections with police investigations immediately and police helps from the World’s 2 Largest International Police Organizations ASAP (As Soon As Possible)!!!


Planet Earth 2 Millennia AE


Contact me via Telephone SMS 0045.91251888

Email: Choice1@WorldLeadersMeetings.TV

Skype: NASA-Astronaut

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