This is An Emergency Plan the Aging Death Armageddon Mission Removal of Aging Death MUST BE COMPLETED before I am 47th to 51th President of United States of America in GOOD TIMES in advance starting already shorter TIME after my birth in 1979 A.D. around the mid 1990ties henceforwardgoing and that means other Presidents and All Nations World Leaders World Wide has and will have signed Constitutional Changes for saving All of Their Nation's Citizens so when I am President in U.S.A. United States of America to obtain World History of Entire Planet Earth and setup The WLM World Leaders Meetings between All Nations and not just some Nations then I will have FREE HANDS to do the rest of this listed below which are not OPTIONAL to VOTE ON it was already been carried out during already accomplished Presidency of The 51th U.S. Successfull Presidency here in the mist of the 21th Century A.D. and in case The Armageddon Removal are delayed too much caused by whatever unforeseen problems then I will on Mission Objectives Emergency Backup Plan Premade by All Nations World Leaders from the future compensate and enforce at least Savior in U.S.A. United States of America and this will cause a Global Evacuation to also enroll as it Originally did in the futures of more than from nowdays 3900 thousands of years of TIME from my Birth in year 1979 A.D. this is King Arthur First Born Son Of Direct Unbroken King Line From 1th King Of England From Camelot also named King Arthur like me and I am registried on separate ID Identification in year 1981 A.D. as undercover as King Arthur in U.S.A. United States of America as U.S. Citizen another ID Identification and Birth ID Fully Legally...

Timemachine protection of the President versus more timemachine assassinations:

Candidacy:  Central State Human Survival Systems to all U.S. Citizens and illegal aliens (similar to NASA’s Central State Human Survival Systems for Spaceflights)

Candidacy:  Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency

Candidacy:  Building Out Rocky Mountains Evacuation Facilities For Millions Of More Peoples With NASA Human Survival Systems

Candidacy:  World Leader meeting to establish national alliance between the 3 great nations United States of America and The Federation of Russia and China

Candidacy:  Large Scale NASA Budget Increase to the Space Program

Candidacy:  Global / Intergalaxtical Ban Against Timemachines (class 1 2 3 5) With Exception To Planetary Defense Outer Space Installations And Planetary Defense Space Command Of All Blue Planets And Anti Timemachine Policing Versus Timemachine Criminals By All Human Beings And Universal Justice Affairs And Also With An Exception And Liberation Of Life Savior And In All Cases Versus Armageddon

Candidacy:  Global / Intergalaxtical Ban Against Slavery of All Kinds

Candidacy:  Global / Intergalaxtical Prohibition Against Human Deaths With Exception Of Legal Warfare And World Events And Justicefull Kill

Candidacy:  Global Police Space Agency

Candidacy:  Establishment of a Police Central State Industry

Candidacy:  Presidential Lead and Police Union Reforms of Police Procedures

Candidacy:  Aerial Police Human Transporters

Candidacy:  Police Survival Uniforms

Candidacy:  Police Survival Helmets

Candidacy:  An Americana Defense Deal

Candidacy:  Expansion of USAF up to 30000% to Become The World’s Largest

Candidacy:  Establishment of Military Defense Industry for Defensiveness

Candidacy:  Ground to Air and Space Missile Defense Shield

Candidacy:  Aerial Missile Defense Life Fighters Continental Arsenals

Candidacy:  U.S. Robotics Industrial Expansions And Expanded Foreign Trade

Candidacy:  Setting Human Genetic Laws That Determine What It Means To Be Human

Candidacy:  Human Race Mutual Survival

Candidacy:  World Leadership by World Leaders Gathering approving recoming of Pharaohs via special World Leader License to exceptionally clone them to life again out from Giza Pyramids when it is responsible so they can continue live without ever die

Candidacy:  Establish More National and International Civil Liberties/Rights

Candidacy:  No Man/Woman Left Behind World Wide Policy Adaptations

U.S. Candidate Requirements:  Police Rescue Mission of me and my U.S. Wife from New York City born short outside New York City in New York State for Timemachine World Leader Assassinations of US 2 both U.S. Democratic Elected Presidents on different numbers and in rescue be given reestablishment to me and my wife with police justice bringing followed by police investigations of all crimes and JUSTICE from the Supreme Highest Courts of U.S.A. and former Soviet Union with retroactive political force for timemachine criminality versus us and all of Our Free Peoples Commonwealth Companies. Justice bringing by National and International Police to me and my New York Wife born in year 1991 A.D. or there around in New York State we are already married on date and needs to just be identified and then World Leader Protected the Whole of Our Lives forever afterwards and we need solving of timemachine crime versus and against us and we must not and never be married or have sex or children with another person than each other, nor man to her or woman to me, we must only be together her and me, we are in the futures named your Blond Darling Couple as Global Celebrities from Californian Hollywood Success Movies and more I am WLM World Leaders Meetings WL World Leader Own Personal WLM World Leaders Meetings TV Host and WLM World Leaders Meetings Own WLM World Leaders Meetings Movies Actor for enclosed audience.

U.S. Candidate Requirements:  Established Catholic Marriage with my New York City Wife born 1991 in United States of America with TV Live Broadcastings Nationwide in U.S.A. and Russia in justice by primarily the U.S. Black Uniformed Police and secondarily by the world of police in justice for Cold War Crimes as only wanting to receive in justice for all those crimes committed versus me and my wife and future children since the late 1970ties and early 1980ties in America and Europe.

U.S. Candidate Requirements:  NASA Astronaut Work Employment in U.S.A..

U.S. Candidate Requirements:  Reentrance into the work force of U.S. National and International Police Forces for all Mankind as NASA Astronaut Air and Space Marshal.

Pre Admission Granted 200% Upon World Leader Assassination to NASA White Space Program I just have to get to there and go in and run in and they will train and educate me as White Astronaut and help me with my Presidency and All I need to regain my Presidency for me and my blond wife U.S. American Wife!!!!

Career Pattern:  NASA Admission to the U.S. Space Program I am a Scientist...

Career Pattern:  White NASA Astronaut and Air and Space Marshal...

Career Pattern:  Work With Holy Catholic Wife In Her Work Employment in U.S.A....

Career Pattern:  Californian Black Uniformed U.S. Police Cop and Main U.S. Police Union Engagement...

Career Pattern:  NSA Police General of Internal Affairs...

Career Pattern:  CENTERCOM Blue Uniformed Police Officer Planetary Defense...

Career Pattern:  Democratic Elected President Candidacy Success For The 51th Presidential Election Mainland United States of America.

Career Pattern:  NASA freezedown in NASA Human Survival Systems as in original World History!!!!!!!!!!

Wife’s and Husband’s Guidelines: Children and family life is a private matter we want to keep for ourself and private matters covers all babies and children birthgivings in this world and our private homes and private aircrafts and spacecrafts into the neverending futures...

Wife’s Career Pattern:  I want to 100% do and undertake all her studies and work employments in life from age 0 henceforward (50/50) I want to 100% share all things together with her throughout her lifetime (50/50) I want to 100% share all economies we both have throughout her lifetime (50/50)...

High Importance Listed By Ranks:

$ Life Evacuation Of Me And My First Lady New Yorker Lightblond and Blond Wife future U.S. New York City Mayor and New York Governor and U.S. President herself The First Woman Democratic Elected President in World History of Mankind and in All Nations Combined World History of the Democratic Nations Combined World History Book and also in the U.S. Combined World History Book and the First Lady future President of United States of America and me hers theirs The 51th World’s Most Famous U.S. President of United States World History ever in World History of the Free Americans must both both Her and Me be Evacuated Through NASA Human Survival Systems In NASA As Part Of The World’s First Legal Timemachine Mission For NASA World History In Defense Of Original NASA World History an Armageddon

$ Completion Of NASA Timemachine Mission For All Mankind And NASA World History

$ Continual Full Life NASA Work Employment As White NASA Astronaut Scientist

$ Be the 51th President of United States of America

$ Central State Human Survival Systems For All Citizens In U.S.A.

$ Central State Human Survival Systems For All Nations Citizens Globally Via Diplomatic Missions Send Out

$ U.S. Planetary Life Support Gift To All Mankind With Establishment Of An In Space Orbiting The Earth Manned Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency

$ Build Out Rocky Mountains Evacuation Facilities For Millions Of More Peoples

$ Build A Rocky Mountain Evacuation Facility Hall For Each Rocky Mountain

Evacuation Facility Center Equipped With Human Life And Survival Support Systems Similar To The Central State Human Survival Systems To Support The Evacuation Centers Populations Survival In Case Of Nuclear Armageddon Wars Of Nations

$ Ground to Air and Space Missile Defense Systems For All Of U.S.A.

$ Ground to Air and Space Missile Defense Systems For All Nations Via Diplomatic Missions Send Out

$ Redeployment Of Defensive Nukes To Global Air and Space Planetary Defense Networks

$ Establishment of U.S. Police Industries For Invention Of And Mass Production Of All Police Weaponry And All Police Equipments And Police Uniforms And Police Technologies / Patents And Police Cars And Police Airplanes And Police Ships

$ Reequipping All U.S. National Police Forces With Aerial Police Human Transporters And Abandon And Prohibit As Supreme Commander All Use Of Police Cars Continentally - A Gift From National Aeronautic and Space Administrations Scientists And USAF Aviators To Our Most Beloved Police Officers And Our Backbone Of The Entire Civilization The World Of Police

$ Reequipping All Of U.S. National Police Forces And All International Police Forces With Police Survival Uniforms And Police Survival Helmets

$ World Leadership Meeting On Establishment Of Global Police Space Agency Going To Manufacture And Fly All Space Police Spacecrafts Having Onboard A New Classification Of Space Police Officers And Also Rescue Officers Heroes That Working In Teams Together Dependent On The Officers Individual Classifications With More Police Like National And International And Military Police And Diplomats

$ Establishment Of World Police And A World Police Headquarter By All Nations National Economies And Contributions Thereto And By The Combined World Leaders Give The World Police Classification Of Police Officers A Universal Police Licenses Counting As Both Central State Police And Military Police And Civilian Police In All Nations And Space Territories World Wide And The World Police Will Be Hired From All Of The Nations Peoples Populations.

Evacuation innitiated I do not feel I can make it in time and has to be helped from CENTERCOM and CENTCOM to be on the one hands side reinstated as U.S. 51th President with my First Lady and wife from New York and New York City called Our Savior in the futures of All Nations World History and on the other hands side just be evacuated through there into NASA Headquarters wherefrom NASA must be ordered by Global Security Presidential Global Security Forces our World Leaders Protectors to evacuate us with immediate effect through NASA Human Life Preservation Freezer Systems so called NASA Human Survival Systems the Earliest Edition of the so called NASA Space Industry Human Survival Systems and there is many more of them in the future of many different kinds just get them through...


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