New World Alliance neutralization of atomic nuclear wars:  We are in a desperate situation in the future millenniums where everybody is death in a fierce nuclear blast war between large nations that strikes nearly all huge cities and large cities and medium cities and small cities and all military base facilities (secretly hidden away by the previous millenniums military intelligence and World Leaders) within so few hours and days so everybody died and the police with them in all cities by the destructions of future more advanced and enhanced nuclear ICBM robotic AI missiles exploding above and on the cities killing nearly everybody in multiple nations and non of the billions of deaths ever had a voice or decision to make and we have to have A 3 Alliance for their sake. An alliance between the 3 great nations, United States of America and The Federation of Russia and China, a Peace and War alliance as seen between them during times of great war with out spring from Europe into Asia and into America by German napolic offsprings! This alliance is key essential to neutralize the dangers of nuclear warfare between nations where the nuclear arms are too powerful and there are no other way than to Join Alliance Where We Want Peace, if we humanity remove nuclear weapons from those nations can the alliance break apart but until then must it hold.

  New laws for all nuclear nations in and outside the 3 Alliance: The nuclear weapons blast size is too great and warm and the heat is too warm and we must absolutely not use them in our world except against threats from space and for no other purposes. They are wrong and invented ahead of time by timemachine wormfeeding peoples from the future new FrancGerman Empire helping themselves illegally in a precentury where they become many times more dangerous than those we had in original world history and we do not want to die.

  We are being removed in world history out from our contributions to neutralization of potential nuclear war with nuclear missiles of all sizes, and who are those men in business suits and more clothes looking like europeans all of them who are carrying them away who are stronger than others and those who are very influential against the nuclear strikes on foremost of all american cities and former Soviet Union cities looking like us in other european peoples networks coming from them in our centuries and millenniums following the two timemachine wars of the 1th and 2th World Wars which is not yet recognized for being set up by the german militaries before the World Leaders could see them around their original World Leaders views which they have removed and other nations World Leaders to weaken their homeland defenses to could be penetrated in prearranged attack patterns using timemachines to kill and homicide and delete races with a breakout from germany sitting still inside their nuclear secure timemachine bunker in south Germany having stolen the original World Leaders future found timemachines and this is not given except by me and I am Joseph Stalin already frozen down inside Siberian Ice Glaciers and are in the future having a timemachine to correspond to our hostage from Soviet Union kidnapped from America the real President of both Russia and Ukraine and Kazakstan former U.S. President who has been trying to stop the war as a global Hollywood celebrity with his wife Peyton future President of United States of America and in France.

  On an question to UN United Nations on where they come from removing peoples using timemachines and where they have them? The germans timemachine bunker in south germany’s mountains are out on revenge for the nuclear disasters that stroke them in their past timemachine wars with America now they have created a new empire in europe unlawfully using only timemachines removing World Leaders and wormfeeding them to unite unlawfully out from a german timemachine bunker and they are still there removing humans and business peoples and gaining powers in economy and wealth and making their own companies and buying the others and are the world’s greatest terrorists peoples network reaching into all America and are in Europe and have infiltrated Soviet Union on new passports setup by timemachine peoples and they come from Germany and Austria and Switzerland and Belgium and France and Poland and Denmark and are working together and they have tried ever since they lost their great timemachine wars to take out their adversaries and make them disagree so they will hit each other instead of them having back the only functioning civilization of all europeans nations and I am also one of their victims a real President kidnap help me to stop the nuclear wars they have all timemachines in their militaries except in America who is being homicided and forced to make new bad deals and we must help them and this is from Joseph Stalin frozen down inside a Siberian Ice Glacier in modern day Russia seeing this all from the future having no idea in the future about this but I am a World Leader who has to help him and this is my help use it to help him he is as good as you and must better and his wife is cute and non of them deserves to die and go extinct as bodies and souls and there are being used timemachines versus me here on Planet Earth to neutralize me as coming World Leader and I hereby send this order to be given to the world’s timemachine operators to return me home to my real biological father and biological mother from United States of America immediately and see and read this hereunder law.

  Legal use of timemachine Law 5:  The MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency must neutralize all kidnappings of human beings (with exception of Invisible Saucer kidnappings what is referred to in world history as alien abductions that we have to talk with them about first).



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